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Send an Online Condolence

We are pleased to offer this service for those who wish to express their condolences in an easy, yet discrete manner. All messages will be delivered immediately upon receipt, and for those funeral services which have been previously completed, we will forward the message to the immediate next of kin or to a specific person in the family as requested.

Click one of the following links to complete your Message of Condolence (via e-mail):

To Family of the Late Donna J. Tennant

To Family of the Late Elizabeth 'Betty' Smith

To Family of the Late Norma L. Hamel

To Family of the Late Gerald L. Redmond

To a Family Not Listed Above
[Please Name Family or Deceased Name in Subject]

If your are experiencing difficulty with one of the links above auto-calling your e-mail application, please direct you message to the following: condolences@smithsfuneralhome.com

Please Note : In order to protect the privacy of our families, we are unable to provide contact information for direct contact. As well, many of these messages are very private and personal, therefore these message cannot be be made available for public viewing.


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Please visit our obituaries section if you need assistance in completing this form. We take great care to ensure that the obituaries are reviewed for accuracy prior to submission on the web site and to the newspapers.

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